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l. 3. A. The most recent comprehensive statewide assessment, including any updates;

Current Narrative:

The following goals are based on the recommendations from the Statewide Comprehensive Needs Assessment completed in 2020 with priorities developed for PY 2020—2023 period; based upon input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders including clients, ICBVI staff and other key informants.

Goal 1: Increase independence and employment outcomes through quality rehabilitation services.

  • Priority 1: Provide quality independent living skills training;
  • Priority 2: Improve access to job training and placement services;
  • Priority 3: Provide outreach training to all community partners; and
  • Priority 4: Improve services to business across the state.

Goal 2: Reduce barriers to employment for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

  • Priority 1: Continued education and training to employers, educators, and community partners;
  • Priority 2: Continue to address transportation issues that face ICBVI clients through our efforts in the One-Stop system;
  • Priority 3: Continue to address accessibility issues within the One-Stop system; 
  • Priority 4: Increase/improve access to assistive technology and training; and
  • Priority 5: Increase outreach activities to rural communities.

Goal 3: Improve transition services for students

  • Priority 1: Increase work-based learning experiences for students prior to exiting high school;
  • Priority 2: Engage work force partners in the development and provision of Pre-Employment Transition Services; and
  • Priority 3: Continue emphasizing training and education of key stakeholders on ICBVI programs and services, with emphasis on Pre-ETS.

Goal 4: Improve VR program efficiency through continuous quality improvement activities

  • Priority 1:Revise ICBVI’s program satisfaction survey(s) to identify areas for program improvement;
  • Priority 2: Continue to improve the internal case review process to align with WIOA requirements and inform the continuous quality improvement cycle; and
  • Priority 3: Continue to develop policies, procedures, and internal controls to ensure accuracy and validity of program performance reporting.