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e. 6. D. Assessment of Progress

The plan must include an explanation of what was achieved based on the previous AOP, what was not achieved and an explanation as to why the State believes the goals were not achieved, and how the State intends to remedy the gaps of achievement in the coming year.

Current Narrative:

Achievement of the state’s goals was initially hampered by transition of the Monitor Advocate position following retirement of the incumbent and hiring of a new Monitor Advocate. This disruption in continuity of service delayed many of the plans for outreach. The new Monitor Advocate and Telemon (167 Grantee), along with Alabama Career Center management and staff, have continued to pursue and increase the outreach efforts that are expected to net positive results. While too soon to tell if the increased efforts have made a significant improvement, with continued outreach and effort based on the current information, Alabama should see no less than an upward trend in outreach.