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c. 1. Identify the State-developed criteria to be used by local boards in awarding grants or contracts for youth workforce investment activities and describe how the local boards will take into consideration the ability of the providers to meet performance accountability measures based on primary indicators of performance for the youth program as described in section 116(b)(2)(A)(ii) of WIOA in awarding such grants or contracts.[11]

[11] Sec. 102(b)(2)(D)(i)(V)

Current Narrative:

(1) Alabama’s WIOA youth program activities are administered by the seven (7) local workforce development areas / boards. Policy guidance (Governor’s Workforce Innovation Directive PY2015-09) was issued on January 21, 2016 to the local workforce areas that delineated State-developed criteria to be used by local boards in awarding grants (contracts) for WIOA youth workforce programs and activities. Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDAs) will follow the procurement procedures established within their area to ensure proper competition and transparency as required by WIOA Section 123(a). 

The local areas / boards, per the policy Directive, are required to consider funding youth providers based on program cost data provided by potential providers and based on criteria that may include those youth providers and activities that:
⦁    Develop relationships between youth and caring adults 
⦁    Involve family members 
⦁    Develop youth citizenship and leadership skills 
⦁    Provide appropriate services based on age and needs of each youth
⦁    Demonstrate involvement of the business/employer community 
⦁    Demonstrate prior successes in providing employment and training services to youth, both basic skills and occupational skills 
⦁    Demonstrate the connection between work and learning

In addition, each Local Area/LWDB must use the following criteria in awarding contracts for youth services:
⦁    Ability to measure and attain youth-related core performance levels; participant and employer (customer) satisfaction levels (Note: the State calculates and tracks official standards and performance.)
⦁    Coordination with local secondary and post-secondary institutions; 
⦁    Prior experience working with disadvantaged, special populations, and in operating education, training, and employment programs;
⦁    Leveraging funds with other funding sources;
⦁    Fiscal accountability; and
⦁    Program design that includes the following components: a. An objective assessment for each participant; b. Individual Service Strategies (ISS); and c. Services that prepare youth for post-secondary education opportunities, link academic and occupational learning, prepare youth for employment, and provide connections to intermediary organizations linked to the job market and employers.

WIOA has established core performance indicators to ensure that Federal investments in employment and training programs are accountable to job seekers, employers, customers, and taxpayers. This is a renewed system, which will ensure access for all individuals, of every skill level, the opportunity to pursue the skills, training, and education they need to obtain employment that will lead to financial stability and economic security for themselves and their families. Employers will also have the assurance that trained and qualified workers will be available to fill their current and future openings. Specifically related to this Youth Policy are the Youth Measures and Descriptions.