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b. 3. Training Provider Eligibility Procedure

Provide the procedure, eligibility criteria, and information requirements  for determining training provider initial and continued eligibility, including Registered Apprenticeship programs (WIOA Section 122).

Current Narrative:

The Alabama Department of Commerce’s Workforce Development Division issued Governor’s Workforce Innovation Directive Number PY2015-03, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Eligible Training Provider Policy on September 11, 2015 (See Other Appendices). This policy described the process and procedures required by local workforce development areas and interested training providers to apply for and maintain eligibility on Alabama’s WIOA Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).

Registered Apprenticeship programs need only submit a letter requesting to be included on the ETPL with information about occupations included, name and address of program sponsor, location of related instruction and method and length of instruction. Apprenticeship sponsors will not be required to meet the State’s minimum performance goals and will be granted automatic approval to the list.