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2 Year Modification

Indiana PYs 2018-2019 Published

Wagner-Peyser Act

Located in:

d. 2. Registration of Ui Claimants with the State's Employment Service if Required by State Law;

Current Narrative:

In 2013, The Indiana legislature put into effect the Jobs for Hoosiers (JFH) program and further strengthened that legislation in the 2016 session. The state has worked hard to fully connect all UI claimants with the state’s employment services. Both RESEA and JFH select UI claimants at the 4th week to physically go to an orientation session of the employment services in one of Indiana’s WorkOne offices. This action directly connects these claimants with the Wagner Peyser system and funding. Additionally, all claimants are required to enter the state’s Wagner Peyser funded labor exchange system, complete an assessment, uploaded a searchable resume as well as look for employment opportunities.

Indiana is a 100% online UI filing state. All UI claimants are automatically registered in Indiana Career Connect (ICC) during the initial benefits claim filing process. The same username and password the claimant uses in Uplink is also the username and password in ICC. After completing the initial claim filing process, the claimant is required to upload a resume to ICC. Claimants are required to complete an in-person visit at a WorkOne office after they have received at least four weeks of UI benefits, unless the claimant has obtained a statutory-permitted waiver.