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WIOA State Plan Portal Roles and Responsibilities

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Introduction to the WIOA State Plan Portal

The WIOA SPP is a content management system that improves the process of creating and managing State Plans. States will enter their content directly into the portal, and Federal Reviewers will review plans in the portal, with the ability to add comments and provide feedback to the States from within the portal.

State Roles

State Staff Editor

  • Works alone or with others, crafts the narrative of the plan and creates supporting charts and graphs.
  • Enters plan content into the system and ensures the team is comfortable with the quality of the plan.

Big Submitter

  • Reviews the entire plan to ensure it is complete and meets Federal requirements.
  • Makes sure the plan is submitted on time according to the deadline.

State Program Director

  • Oversees content creation for specific parts of the plan.
  • Works alone or with others to develop narratives of the plan including supporting charts and graphs.
  • May work with State Staff Editors to enter content into the system or enter it alone.
  • Identifies portions of the plan as complete.
  • Approves/reviews/adjusts State Staff Editor access requests within their State Program.

Federal Roles

Federal Reviewer

  • Reviews the plan, identifies technical assistance needs or compliance issues.
  • Can enter comments on State Plans.
  • Works with other Federal Reviewers and the Federal Panel Lead to reach consensus on changes needed to the plan.
  • May work on one state plan, or multiple State Plans.

Federal Program Specialist

  • Reviews program-specific portions of the State Plan and identifies technical assistance needs or compliance issues.
  • Can enter comments on State Plans.
  • Sends comments back to the state if changes are needed.

VR Commissioner

  • Approves the VR portion of the State Plan following review to ensure it is complete and meets Federal requirements.

Federal Panel Lead

  • Coordinates review of plan with Federal reviewers. Makes sure the panel is staying on schedule and updates the Steering Committee on Federal review progress.
  • Can enter comments on State Plans.
  • Convenes conference calls with panel members to achieve panel consensus.
  • Sends comments back to the state if changes are needed.

Technical Analyst

  • Supports Federal Panel Leads.
  • Assigns Federal Reviewers to sections of State Plans they need to review.
  • Acts as a resource for State and Federal user questions.

Steering Committee Member

  • Reviews panel consensus comments for the Common Elements portion of the plan and provides feedback to Federal Panel Lead.
  • Provides technical assistance to Federal Panel Lead throughout the review process.
  • Upon final panel consensus, coordinates the State Plan approval letter with principals.

System Administrator

  • Maintains the system structure of all State Plans.
  • Creates new a State Plan or copies an existing State Plan to begin a new cycle.

User Approver

  • Approves access to State Plans when State Users, except State Staff Editors, and Federal Reviewers request access.