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b. 5. The State’s long-term strategy to improve SCSEP services, including planned long-term changes to the design of the program within the State, and planned changes in the use of SCSEP grantees and program operators to better achieve the goals of the program. This may include recommendations to the Department as appropriate. (20 CFR 641.302(k))

Current Narrative:

Over the next four years Alabama SCSEP Grantees will work collaboratively to

consider practical approaches to address challenges in recruiting most-in-need individuals as well as best practices for preparing these individuals for unsubsidized employment.  Below are some examples of strategies that will be used:


  • Grantees will seek to establish semi-annual collaboration meetings with other national grantees with the goal of sharing best practices, identifying challenges and developing strategies to overcome those challenges.
  • Grantees will seek to improve participation and coordination of services between SCSEP and One-Stop Career Center partners.
  • Grantees will identify and provide additional training opportunities and resources for participants, thus better preparing participants for entry into unsubsidized employment.
  • Grantees will continue to be an active WIOA partner and advocate for meaningful services for the seniors of Alabama.

All national grantees and sub-grantees in Alabama remain committed to fulfilling SCSEP’s dual mission of fostering individual and economic self-sufficiency as well as providing community service opportunities for those that we serve.