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b. 4. A list of community services that are needed and the places where these services are most needed. Specifically, the plan must address the needs and location of those individuals most in need of community services and the groups working to meet their needs. (20 CFR 641.330)

Current Narrative:

SCSEP sub-grantees are co-located with the Area Agencies on Aging and the Regional Planning and Development Commissions/Councils of Governments (COGs).  The AAAs and Regional Commissions/COG's have a network of partners, stakeholders, sub-grantees and member governments which are ideal locations for training and employment. A traditional partnership is reflected in the United Way Agencies that have been a major source of both training and employment.  New and emerging partners are the community foundations which are assuming a regional character that approximate the regional service areas of AAAs and Regional Commissions/COG's.  The community foundations are creating networks of partnerships which they fund; that overlap the SCSEP, AAA, Regional Commission and COG partnerships and have the potential of being a source for training and employment.  SCSEP is a part of an emerging trend of regionalism and networking that has become the new template for both public and nonprofit agencies.