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b. 2. The State’s long-term strategy for engaging employers to develop and promote opportunities for the placement of SCSEP participants in unsubsidized employment. (20 CFR 641.302(e)) (May alternatively be discussed in the State strategies section of strategic plan.)

Current Narrative:

Indiana’s grantee and sub-grantee long-term strategies for engaging employers include attending community meetings, posting flyers, and tri-folders in not-for-profits, host agencies, and federal businesses; making cold calls to potential employers; and participating in booth events, such as job and community fairs.

In addition, DWD will provide our Business Services Representatives with SCSEP training information, including key strategic items. All training materials will be made available on DWD’s Field Operation Resource Center where all DWD staff may review at any time for new hire or refresher training. Leveraging the DWD Business Services team will provide us with additional opportunities to connect with new SCSEP business partners and potential SCSEP employers in the community.

SCSEP staff may partner with Wagner-Peyser (WP) staff for:

  1. Funding assistance for business outreach, recruitment/selection, job search and placement for the SCSEP participant, and
  2. To help connect a senior’s employment history, personal background, and non-work activities and skills (e.g., hobbies, household activities, faith-related activities, etc.) with the current labor market needs to expedite the training and placement process for the participant.

Other strategies from our Combined State Plan include:

  1. A plan to create a SEAL program specifically for seniors that will:
  • Incorporate both subsidized employment, digital literacy, and on-the-job training through sector partnerships.
  • Provide work-based training opportunities such as: federally-recognized apprenticeships, internships, job shadow experiences, State Earn and Learn programs through DWD’s Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship, and incumbent worker training.

(See page 11 of this Combined State Plan for additional details)

  1. Connect to Indiana Technical Community College (ITCC) or Vincennes University (VU) for upskilling in IT
  • Green Thumb Project is an example of potential IT projects
  1. Connect to Adult Education (AE) for basic skills support
  • Co-enrollment in WP
  1. Connect to Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) for assistive technology
  • Co-enrollment in WP
  1.  WorkOne AJC’s may employing SCSEP participants to:
  • Help administer other workforce programs,
  • Hoosier seniors with diverse backgrounds may be hired to work in roles that require various language and/or cultural competencies
  • Fill roles at the Welcome desk or providing over the shoulder assistance in the public computer labs