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b. 1. C. Planned actions to coordinate SCSEP with other private and public entities and programs that provide services to older Americans, such as community and faith- based organizations, transportation programs, and programs for those with special needs or disabilities. (20 CFR 641.302(i))

Current Narrative:

Local non-profit social service agencies, such as Community Action Agencies (United Way, Gleaners Food Bank, Wheeler Mission, etc.), Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), Adult Education, Area Agencies on Aging, and faith-based agencies, are working across the state to provide all the necessary services and safety nets for older individuals. Indiana will continue work with key partner organizations who provide these services needed for low-income Hoosiers, especially those who have multiple barriers to employment.

High-Priority services needed in Indiana:

  • Fuel Assistance (LiHEAP)
  • Transportation
  • Food (Meals on Wheels, SNAP, CSFP)
  • Health Care
  • Respite Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Job Re-training/Adult Education
  • English as Second Language
  • Substance Abuse

Indiana SCSEP also works with Area Agencies on Aging to provide services to the senior Hoosiers. Indiana SCSEP currently has 153 active Host Agencies, with whom we partner to provide training opportunities to program participants. Many organizations throughout the state, such as the Vigo County Public Library, WorkOne Lafayette, and Terre Haute Housing Authority, provide Indiana SCSEP with meeting space and the technology which allows us to facilitate workshops for program participants. Other organizations, such as WorkOne Columbus, the Ivy Tech Community College system, YMCA of Michiana, The ARC of Greater Boone County, and RISE Inc., provide training for program participants and staff on topics pertinent to mature job seekers and seniors writ large. Michigan City Housing Authority, City of Gary Redevelopment Commission, North Township Trustees Office, Fort Wayne Urban League, and other organizations coordinate with Indiana SCSEP to provide housing assistance to program participants. All of the programs mentioned above have an active reciprocal referral relationship with Indiana SCSEP, and many SCSCEP participants are co-enrolled in two or more programs to meet their needs.

Indiana SCSEP is connected with the economic development organizations in every county of the state through delivery of WIOA services through each Workforce Development Board. WorkOne offices partner with local economic development officers to identify potential growth opportunities and strive to match SCSEP participants with job openings when skills and abilities match job requirements. We also plan to reach out to local nonprofit groups that could help fill some gaps in our current availability of resources. We will work to create a coalition in each area to keep these providers abreast of rising needs in specific locations of the state.