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b. 1. D. Planned actions to coordinate SCSEP with other labor market and job training initiatives. (20 CFR 641.302(j))

Current Narrative:

Indiana has initiated several projects with regard to its operating systems that will support implementation of the strategies described above, such as:

  • Hoosiers by the Numbers: This site is Indiana’s Labor Market Information (LMI) website and includes many virtual tools with information for community leaders and individuals.
  • Indiana Business Research Center (BRC): It assists in the hosting, developing, and distributing the Workforce Information Database (WID), as mandated by the Workforce Information Grant. This site offers data tools and resources for all of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment and Wage programs. This includes information on the incumbent workforce, unemployment trends, labor force estimates, and projections for future occupations in demand.

Indiana endeavors to use a variety of approaches to understand the magnitude of ever-changing, real-time labor market information trends. Currently, future skills and job demand are analyzed using both traditional labor market information data and supplemental labor market information through real-time job posting analytics and employer engagement.  Sources include:

  • Real–time data obtained from analyzing current job postings, posted resumes, and other relevant unstructured and structured data sources;
  • Advanced data analysis tools and techniques;
  • Data gleaned from direct employer engagement (i.e. in the form of employer surveys, meetings with employers, economic development initiatives, etc.); and
  • Data developed by external, industry-specific modeling tools that include forward looking data.

The site is designed for career counselors, job seekers, policy makers, and the general public.

DWD populates the WID with state and local data that cover at least the most recent 10-year period. This database serves as the primary source for Hoosiers by the Numbers and is supplemented by the Stats Indiana database, which is maintained by IBRC. The data cover counties, metropolitan statistical areas, and economic growth regions, in addition to statewide estimates and aggregates.

Hoosiers by the Numbers had more than 106,804 active sessions and nearly 71,126 new users on the site between July 2018 and June 2019, according to the web analytics tracked by DWD. Approximately 13,986 of the page visit sessions were from mobile devices or tablets, showing an increase of 13.73% above last year’s total of 11,925. This is an indicator that the enhancements to create mobile friendly applications have been successful and popularity of use in these formats is on the rise. Furthermore, on average visitors viewed approximately 4.03 pages per session and were on the site for approximately six minutes. To achieve this type of online traffic, marketing and promotion of IndianaCareerReady.com and accompanying sites included:

  • Regular social media posts and promotion throughout the year on DWD social assets (Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). In 2019, there were 153 direct posts promoting IndianaCareerReady.com and the related tools on DWD social assets. 
  • IndianaCareerReady.com is a featured front page tool on the main DWD website and is prominently displayed on the footer of most DWD press releases that go out to media and subscribers throughout the state and beyond.  In 2019, we distributed 66 statewide press releases to an audience of 774 media recipients and subscribers, each of which contained the Indiana Career Ready logo.
  • Highlighting DWD’s online resources is a part of the main DWD PowerPoint presentation, which is used throughout the year and the state, both in-person and on-line in webinars, at Virtual Job Fairs, and other deliveries and events.  Online resources was a regular part of the Next Level Jobs presentations we conducted throughout 2018 and much of 2019, both as webinars and in-person.
  • INDemandJobs.com is also featured on other state programs’ website, such as the NextLevelJobs.org.
  • DWD regularly promotes IndianaCareerReady.com and related online tools through its regional offices.
  • Pop-up banners and posters have been created to enhance in-person promotion and marketing efforts.  Current banners and posters include:  INDemandJobs, Indiana Career Ready, and Indiana Career Explorer.  Examples of use and promotion are: the Indiana State Fair, JobSpark, statewide conferences, and direct mailings Hoosier schools and guidance counselors.’
  • DWD created videos on Indiana Career Explorer and Indiana Career Connect highlighting the mobile app, which are on YouTube and are regularly promoted and shared.

The core of Hoosiers by the Numbers is strong navigation geared toward people looking for their county or region or a specific piece of data on a workforce related topic. The site is powered by more than 7 billion records in the joint databases of the IBRC and DWD and is meant to serve as a leading informational site for business developers, researchers, and the public alike.