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c. 7. A description of the steps taken to avoid disruptions to the greatest extent possible, when positions are redistributed, as provided in 20 CFR 641.365; when new Census or other reliable data become available; or when there is over-enrollment for any other reason. (20 CFR 641.325(i), 641.302(b))

Current Narrative:

To avoid program disruption based on new census, program results, or other data, DWD will have annual operational meetings with all SCSEP partners in order to continually evaluate current operations and develop strategies and implementation plans in a proactive manner. Topics discussed will include:

  • Staffing will be distributed to allow for shifting to nearby areas experiencing population growth.
  • Other funding sources will be reallocated as needed to address changes in population and service need.
  • Partner organizations in communities will be used to more effectively connected participants with services in One Stop offices.
  • Mobile location, mobile application, call center and online service options will be employed.