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Located in:

c. 2. List the cities and counties where the project will be conducted. Include the number of SCSEP authorized positions and indicate where the positions changed from the prior year.

Current Narrative:


 PY 19 Total ED Based on CensusPY 19 State AllocationPY 18 State AllocationsPY18-PY19 ChangePY 19 National Grantee AllocationPY 18 National Grantee AllocationPY18-PY19 Change
Autauga County, Alabama6000660
Baldwin County, Alabama2255017170
Barbour County, Alabama5000550
Bibb County, Alabama4000440
Blount County, Alabama9220770
Bullock County, Alabama2000220
Butler County, Alabama5000550
Calhoun County, Alabama2155016160
Chambers County, Alabama9330660
Cherokee County, Alabama5000550
Chilton County, Alabama7220550
Choctaw County, Alabama4220220
Clarke County, Alabama6220440
Clay County, Alabama3000330
Cleburne County, Alabama3000330
Coffee County, Alabama8330550
Colbert County, Alabama9220770
Conecuh County, Alabama4000440
Coosa County, Alabama2000220
Covington County, Alabama7220550
Crenshaw County, Alabama4000440
Cullman County, Alabama1533012120
Dale County, Alabama8220660
Dallas County, Alabama11330880
DeKalb County, Alabama1433011110
Elmore County, Alabama7000770
Escambia County, Alabama8220660
Etowah County, Alabama2055015150
Fayette County, Alabama3000330
Franklin County, Alabama5000550
Geneva County, Alabama6220440
Greene County, Alabama4220220
Hale County, Alabama3000330
Henry County, Alabama5330220
Houston County, Alabama1655011110
Jackson County, Alabama11220990
Jefferson County, Alabama982423174731
Lamar County, Alabama4220220
Lauderdale County, Alabama1433011110
Lawrence County, Alabama6000660
Lee County, Alabama1533012120
Limestone County, Alabama10220880
Lowndes County, Alabama3000330
Macon County, Alabama5220330
Madison County, Alabama3155026260
Marengo County, Alabama6220440
Marion County, Alabama6220440
Marshall County, Alabama1522013130
Mobile County, Alabama661515051510
Monroe County, Alabama7220550
Montgomery County, Alabama2700027270
Morgan County, Alabama1755012120
Perry County, Alabama4000440
Pickens County, Alabama6220440
Pike County, Alabama6000660
Randolph County, Alabama5000550
Russell County, Alabama1222010100
St. Clair County, Alabama1322011110
Shelby County, Alabama1433011110
Sumter County, Alabama4220220
Talladega County, Alabama1522013130
Tallapoosa County, Alabama8000880
Tuscaloosa County, Alabama2255017170
Walker County, Alabama1333010100
Washington County, Alabama3000330
Wilcox County, Alabama4220220
Winston County, Alabama5000550