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c. 3. Describe current slot imbalances and proposed steps to correct inequities to achieve equitable distribution.

Current Narrative:

Analysis and resulting trends lead Indiana to believe that positive variances are due to high program need and a large number of host agencies in relatively close proximity to grantee and sub-grantee staff. This tends to be in mid to large urban areas. Negative variances are due to a combination of low program need due to strong regional economies, an inadequate number of host agencies, host agencies having lower participant capacity, and distant program staff. Distance is compounded by low program funding levels that inhibit the ability of staff to travel and conduct participant and host agency recruiting efforts. We have noticed that participants need a great deal of support just to stay engaged in SCSEP, otherwise, they exit. DWD will continue to study variance trends. Additional analysis will provide a clearer picture of the situation and the best way to implement any final decisions.