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b. 1. E. Actions to ensure that SCSEP is an active partner in the one-stop delivery system and the steps the State will take to encourage and improve coordination with the one-stop delivery system. (20 CFR 641.335)

Current Narrative:

WorkOne offices are often the cornerstone in collaboration between SCSEP with WIOA. Case managers look for opportunities during the intake and evaluation process to identify participants appropriate to for co-enrollment into SCSEP.  This process determines what needs the Hoosier has and which programs and activities will best address those needs to get him/her back to work as soon as possible. Indiana cross-trains WIOA case managers on the SCSEP program and what may be indicators of an individual’s needs, which may be met by SCSEP, WIOA, and/ or other programs and training opportunities. Promising practices in coordinating the two programs are regularly discussed at staff training meetings on a weekly basis. The state monitoring plan includes examining whether or not appropriate referral to SCSEP is occurring on a regular basis. State leadership overseeing the SCSEP grant have monthly calls with the grantees to review the administration and coordination of SCSEP, provide technical assistance, and share best practices.