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Indiana PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Unemployment Insurance Program

Located in:
  • Unemployment Insurance (UI)

    (OMB Control Number: 1205-0132)

    The Unemployment Insurance (UI) program requires a State Quality Service Plan (SQSP) on a 2-year planning cycle that is a condition of receipt of administrative funding to administer the program. The SQSP is the State’s UI performance management and planning process that allows for an exchange of information between Federal and State partners to enhance the UI program’s ability to reflect their joint commitment to performance excellence and client-centered services. A formal two-year SQSP is submitted biennially. On the off years, States may be required to modify the SQSP with additional corrective action plans and narrative if they are failing any new performance measures, and they are required to provide updated budget documents, certifications, and assurances. ETA Handbook No. 336, 18th Edition provides detailed guidance for the preparation and submittal of the SQSP and supplemental guidance is provided in an annual UIPL, issued as UIPL 15-19 for the FY 2020  SQSP. The Social Security Act (SSA) sections 302 and 303 authorize the Secretary of Labor to provide funds to administer the UI program and govern the expenditure of those funds. States that choose the option to include UI in a WIOA Combined State Plan will be required to submit their SQSP through the Combined State Plan process. The SQSP must be prepared in accordance to the instructions in ET Handbook 336, 18th Edition and there are no changes to the established SQSP cycle if a State chose to submit their SQSP through the Combined State Plan process.

a. 4. Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)

CAPs are expected as a part of the SQSP when State’s annual performance does not meet the established criteria for core measures, Secretary’s Standards, UI program, assurances, and other program deficiencies identified in the annual SQSP guidance provided by the Department. The CAP must list both specific milestones for key corrective actions or improvement activities, and the completion date for each milestone.

Current Narrative:

Corrective Action Plan pg 1CAP pg 2CAP pg 3CAP pg 4CAP pg 5CAP pg 6CAP pg 7CAP pg 8CAP pg 9CAP pg 10CAP pg 11CAP pg 12CAP pg 13CAP pg 14CAP pg 15CAP pg 16CAP pg 17CAP pg 18CAP pg 19CAP pg 20CAP pg 21CAP pg 22CAP pg 23CAP pg 24CAP pg 25CAP pg 26CAP pg 27CAP pg 28CAP pg 29CAP pg 30