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Indiana PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

Located in:
  • Jobs for Veterans’ State Grants

    (OMB Control Number: 1225-0086)

    The Jobs for Veterans’ State Grants (JVSG) are mandatory, formula-based staffing grants to States (including DC, PR, VI and Guam). The JVSG is funded annually in accordance with a funding formula defined in the statute (38 U.S.C. 4102A (c) (2) (B) and regulation and operates on a fiscal year (not program year) basis, however, performance metrics are collected and reported quarterly on a Program Year basis (as with the ETA-9002 Series). Currently, VETS JVSG operates on a multi-year grant approval cycle modified and funded annually.

    In accordance with 38 U.S.C. § 4102A(b)(5) and § 4102A(c), the Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training (ASVET) makes grant funds available for use in each State to support Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) specialists and Local Veterans' Employment Representatives (LVER) staff. As a condition to receive funding, 38 U.S.C. § 4102A(c)(2) requires States to submit an application for a grant that contains a State Plan narrative, which includes:

h. The hire date along with mandatory training completion dates for all DVOP specialists and LVER staff; and

Current Narrative:

As amended by the Veterans Benefit Act of 2010, 38 U.S.C § 4102(A) (c)(8)(A) requires all newly hired DVOP specialists and LVER staff to satisfactorily complete JVSG training delivered by the National Veterans Training Institute within 18 months after the date of employment.

The JVSG prerequisite e-Learning courses to be satisfactorily completed by newly hired DVOP specialists and LVER staff within 18-months of their employment dates are:

  • Legal Guidance Affecting Veterans’ Employment Services (online university model, instructor led cohort that will take approximately 15 hours to complete over a 24-day period).
  • A Day in the Life of JVSG Staff in an American Job Center (self-paced online learning that will take approximately 3 hours to complete over an indefinite period).
  • Removing the Employability Gap for Veterans with Significant Barriers to Employment (online university model, instructor led cohort that will take approximately 4 hours to complete over a 10-day period).

The Core JVSG competency-based classroom courses to be satisfactorily completed by the newly hired JVSG staff within 18-months of their employment dates are:

  • Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialist Core Competency Development (3.5 days to complete).
  • Local Veterans’ Employment Representative Core Competency Development (3.5 days to complete).

Below is Indiana’s JVSG staff roster (current as of May 15, 2020). Staffing changes may occur prior to Plan approval, but all JVSG staff complete the NVTI training within 18 months after the date employment begins:

Employee Name Program Date Assigned Requirements Completed
Brooks, Diana LVER 4/7/2014 5/8/2015
Janney, Alan DVOP 12/8/2014 8/7/2015
Kamer, Remona LVER 6/25/2012 6/26/2015
Streets, Jesse DVOP 7/8/2014 5/15/2015
Cook, Andrell DVOP 11/18/2019 No
Snell, Chris DVOP 7/1/2019 1/31/2020
Ramage, Brad LVER 10/26/2015 3/18/2019
Davis, Brandon DVOP 10/27/2014 7/31/2015
Reed, Daniel DVOP 9/17/2012 5/15/2015
Washington, Trellus LVER 1/7/2019 No
Barnabee, James LVER 12/15/1975 5/8/2015
Koehler, Bud LVER 11/21/2016 6/9/2017
Knodle, Kenneth DVOP 7/18/2016 11/3/2017
Lawrence, William DVOP 9/26/2016 5/15/2015
Billingsley, Frankie LVER 2/15/1999 6/26/2015
Cataldi, Joseph LVER 10/22/2018 2/28/2020
Tabb, Jeffrey DVOP 10/21/2019 2/14/2020
Stewart, Candice DVOP 6/5/2019 1/31/2020
Jackson, Sarah DVOP 4/14/2014 1/29/2016
Rogowski, Samuel LVER 1/21/2020 12/8/2017
McDonald, Joshua DVOP 4/10/2017 12/15/2017
Hurt, Austen LVER 2/12/2018 1/10/2020
Owens, Christina DVOP 6/3/2019 1/31/2020
Tyner, Gary LVER 7/25/2011 6/26/2015
Nedza, Donald DVOP 8/3/2015 6/24/2016
Boulanger, Michael LVER 10/11/1994 5/8/2015
Evans, Jesse DVOP 11/5/2018 1/31/2020
Gilbert, Ronda DVOP 3/17/2008 5/15/2015
Lanich, Jared LVER 9/4/2012 2/12/2016
Webb, James LVER 11/6/2017 6/26/2015
Bryant, Timpthy DVOP 10/9/2018 1/31/2020
Zipoff, David DVOP 6/5/2017 9/1/2017
Christopher Basile DVOP 3/9/2020 No
Rea, Brian DVOP 3/23/2009 5/15/2015
Matanic, Becky DVOP 10/17/2014 7/31/2015
McCammon, Mitchel DVOP 6/17/2019 1/31/2020
Mark Gulley LVER 3/9/2020 No
Grim, Ramona DVOP 3/13/2017 3/27/2015
Johnson, Darrell DVOP 6/19/2019 7/19/2016
Pore, Timothy LVER 6/27/2019 7/29/2016
Mathes, Robert LVER 4/22/2019 4/21/2017
Martinez, Guadalupe LVER 9/18/2019 6/10/2017
Douglass, David LVER 2/13/2017 5/8/2015