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  • Jobs for Veterans’ State Grants

    (OMB Control Number: 1225-0086)

    The Jobs for Veterans’ State Grants (JVSG) are mandatory, formula-based staffing grants to States (including DC, PR, VI and Guam). The JVSG is funded annually in accordance with a funding formula defined in the statute (38 U.S.C. 4102A (c) (2) (B) and regulation and operates on a fiscal year (not program year) basis, however, performance metrics are collected and reported quarterly on a Program Year basis (as with the ETA-9002 Series). Currently, VETS JVSG operates on a multi-year grant approval cycle modified and funded annually.

    In accordance with 38 U.S.C. § 4102A(b)(5) and § 4102A(c), the Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training (ASVET) makes grant funds available for use in each State to support Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) specialists and Local Veterans' Employment Representatives (LVER) staff. As a condition to receive funding, 38 U.S.C. § 4102A(c)(2) requires States to submit an application for a grant that contains a State Plan narrative, which includes:

f. How the State implements and monitors the administration of priority of service to covered persons;

Current Narrative:

Priority of Service

In affiliation with the American Job Center (AJC) network, the Alabama Veterans’ Services Program within the Alabama Career Center system shall offer comprehensive employment and career placement service to nearly 23,688 Veterans per year, through a combination of self-service internet-based job services and direct assistance at AJCs throughout the state. The state’s automated data system, as a point of entry for self-service registration, provides a priority service notification to Veterans and covered persons at https://joblink.alabama.gov/ada/mn_veterans_dsp.cfm .Veterans and persons entitled to priority services and training complete a universal application that includes features and questions designed to assist staff members in identifying them for priority services and training at the point of entry into the Workforce Development system. Veterans who can use the automated data system competently are encouraged to self-register and make maximum use of the automated access to resources. Career Center Specialists and Veterans’ Employment Specialists review applications submitted by Veterans and other Eligible Persons who register using self-service for the purpose of assessing the quality of the applications and resumes to ensure they reflect clearly stated job objectives, meaningful information with regards to work history, education and training, and that Veterans resumes represent Veteran job seekers adequately to enable employers to locate qualified Veterans for job openings.

Another action to ensure that Veterans receive priority is the 24-hour email alerts sent to Veterans on any matching work we find in the data system. Priority service is also provided when Veterans, or others eligible for priority, are identified at intake when registering for services at any AJC or other service delivery points. Career Center Specialists will ensure that each Veteran completing a full application will have properly recorded their skills, education, training, job or career interests, work experience, licenses or certifications, employment availability, contact information, and other vital information. Additionally, AJCs will use signage, graphics, and displays to inform Veterans and Covered Persons of priority service (as described under Title 38 U.S.C., Chapter 41 and 20 CFR part 1010) and as applicable to all federally funded employment services and training. Moreover, local Career Center Managers will develop outreach activities to locate Covered Persons under Veterans Priority. Managers or designated representatives will review special reports generated by the state data system for the purpose of identifying Veterans and Covered Persons who may be contacted and made aware of their priority in services and training. Career Center Managers will develop local service strategies and training goals for Veterans and Covered Persons entitled to Veterans Priority, in consultation with their partner agencies and training providers, to encourage maximum utilization of services and training by Veterans and Covered Persons.

All Alabama Workforce Development regions have implemented Veterans Priority in the State WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Plan of Service. Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialists and Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVER) shall compliment Priority of Service (POS) provided by the AJC to Veterans and Covered Persons, as mandated under Title 38 U.S.C., Chapter 41, and in accordance with the general and special provisions of the Jobs for Veterans State Grant (JVSG), and applicable regulations, policies, and directive guidance for JVSG from the Assistant Secretary, Veterans Employment and Training (ASVET), including Veterans Program Letters (VPL) addressing DVOP-LVER Roles and Responsibilities. The Alabama strategy leverages improvements in technology to enable Career Center Specialists to locate and review the resumes of Veterans using on-line self-services for the purpose of offering helpful advice or suggestions on presenting their skills and abilities to prospective employers, because the data system is designed to support employers searching for key words, and automatically flags the resumes of Veterans and Covered Persons who are identified as qualified candidates within the parameters entered by the employers. This advantage offers Veterans and Covered Persons a Priority in Service and enables an employer to contact them directly, with or without a referral through a posted job order.