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a. 7. The method the State agency uses to count all work registrants as of the first day of the new fiscal year;

Current Narrative:

XI. Work Registrant Data
  • Methodology used to count work registrants
The count of work registrants in Alabama was taken based on a computer system (ERD) that includes work registration coding of all SNAP participants based on their social security number. The ERD Work Registration Report gives a new and cumulative count of all SNAP participants who are tracked based on their social security numbers, which ensures an unduplicated count.

As of October 1st of a Fiscal Year (FY) there is a “begin month” count of work registrants based on work registration coding. As new work registrants are added throughout the month the system is set to capture an “added month” count. These two, the “begin and add month” counts are added to give total end month count. This count is processed each month throughout the fiscal year.