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a. 4. The characteristics of the population the State agency intends to place in E&T;

Current Narrative:

The screening process is an evaluation done by the eligibility worker to determine if an individual should or should not be referred for Employment & Training Services. The “screening” process is separate from identifying exemptions from work requirements and the client assessment done after referral to E&T. During the eligibility interview, state eligibility staff review the applicant’s circumstances and determines their Employment & Training status. All ABAWD’s who are not currently working 80 hours per month (employment/self-employment) are automatically referred to the contracted vendor (MAXIMUS) for services. SNAP individuals that choose to voluntarily participate are referred to the contracted vendor when the appropriate information is entered in the eligibility system, and the case is authorized. As a way for Indiana to maximize its resources in the talent development space and reduce duplicated efforts, IMPACT will coordinate more closely with WorkOnes regarding training and education.