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Located in:
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

    States that include TANF in the Combined State Plan must outline how the State will meet the requirements of section 402 of the Social Security Act including how it will:

    (OMB Control Number: 0970-0145)

f. Conduct a program designed to reach State and local law enforcement officials, the education system, and relevant counseling services, that provides education and training on the problem of statutory rape so that teenage pregnancy prevention programs may be expanded to include men (section 402(a)(1)(A)(vi) of the Social Security Act)

Current Narrative:

Indiana currently conducts programs to provide education and training on teenage pregnancy prevention and statutory rape through prosecutor's offices, faith communities, schools, hospitals, and health departments to provide education and training regarding the problem of teenage pregnancy and statutory rape. Please refer to the Indiana Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Plan which includes services offered to men: http://www.state.in.us/isdh/files/Indiana_Sexual_Violence_Primary_Prevention_Plan_2016-2021.pdf. This plan was developed by the Indiana State Department of Health and its community partners programs. We hope to augment these efforts through increased co-location of our Division of Family Resources (DFR) offices, which administers TANF, and other community hubs of activity, such as schools, libraries, and community centers. Co-location to help provides these services to both staff and individuals may take varied forms depending on the local need:

  • Formal co-location,
  • Using itinerant staff,
  • Mobile locations, and
  • Referral relationships.