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Located in:
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

    States that include TANF in the Combined State Plan must outline how the State will meet the requirements of section 402 of the Social Security Act including how it will:

    (OMB Control Number: 0970-0145)

b. Require a parent or caretaker receiving assistance to engage in work (defined by the State) once the State determines the parent or caretaker is ready to engage in work, or once he or she has received 24 months of assistance, whichever is earlier, consistent with the child care exception at 407(e)(2) (section 402(a)(1)(A)(ii) of the Social Security Act)

Current Narrative:

A parent or caretaker receiving assistance under TANF will be required to engage in work once the state determines the parent or caretaker is ready to engage in work, or once the parent or caretaker has received assistance under the program for 24 months (whether or not consecutive). Whichever timeline an individual meets is the one that applies to his/her work requirements.

This first one is determined early during the thorough assessment process using the assessment, which asks, what family/parent/relative supports are in place to assist with childcare.

If child care assistance is needed, available and used, it is appropriate child care since it utilizes State approved/licensed child care providers based on State rates and based on proximity to a client’s home since clients select their provider. This covers “appropriate child care”, “affordable child care arrangements” and where informal care has proven to be unsuitable to client’s needs. Since clients select where their children go, would be a reasonable distance in most all cases.



A comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s needs and barriers is completed prior to beginning IMPACT activities. The participant must be actively involved in the completion of the assessment and in creating the self-sufficiency plan, including assisting in identifying strengths, interests and goals.

Details about IMPACT rights, responsibilities, activities and supportive services are also included as part of the assessment process.

The following areas should be addressed, as appropriate:

Transportation Resources: What type of transportation is accessible and used, and if transportation assistance is needed.

Child Care Needs: Determine the need for reliable child care and the presence of any special needs that must be addressed in the development of the child care plan.

Support Network: Identify those persons who provide emotional, social, or other support to the individual and family.

Work instructions Section 6.6.1 Supportive Services Determination

TANF and AJS clients:

When a participant has childcare in place, and a newborn needs to be added to the voucher, DO NOT have the participant give up the CCDF voucher that is currently in place, participant will not be eligible for child care for 90 days. The brand new baby will be placed on a waiting list and the participant will need to discuss their situation with the CCDF vendor to see if there is a scholarship program or sliding fee scale or any other arrangement that can be worked out.

Due to COVID-19 public health emergency declared by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (Executive Order 20-02) on March 6, 2020, Indiana has waived the mandatory work requirements for all TANF applicants/recipients from the date of this order through June 30, 2020. We will continue to offer employment and training services to those who wish to volunteer for services. The expectation is that all mandatory requirements for work will be back in place as of July 1, 2020. If this does not occur due to an extension of the public health emergency, another plan amendment will be submitted.