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  • III. Operational Planning Elements

    The Unified or Combined State Plan must include an Operational Planning Elements section that supports the State’s strategy and the system-wide vision described in Section II(c) above.  Unless otherwise noted, all Operational Planning Elements apply to Combined State Plan partner programs included in the plan as well as to core programs.  This section must include—

III. b. 4. B. Assessment of One-Stop Partner Programs

Describe how other one-stop delivery system partner program services and Combined State Plan partner programs included in the plan will be assessed each year. Such state assessments should take into account local and regional planning goals.

Current Narrative:

Assessment of One-Stop Partner Programs

Florida’s WIOA core program partners worked through a WIOA Interagency Measurement and Performance Reporting Workgroup to identify and compare federal WIOA measurement and reporting requirements with current federal performance measures and reporting requirements. The workgroup developed a high-level proposal regarding collection, management and reporting of performance data. CareerSource Florida and DEO participate in the workgroup, providing analyses of existing measures with comparisons of WIOA indicators of performance.

Information technology data collection and reporting systems within each core partner are examined to ensure an integrated systems approach for statewide data collection, reporting and validation. The measurement and performance reporting workgroup designed a reporting flow process identifying how data are collected, compiled, integrated, evaluated and reported to USDOL and USDOE. This process reflects statutory requirements of individual programs and business requirements governing the collection and submittal of performance data. The group continues collaborative efforts, currently reviewing requirements for the sharing of data across core programs for the purposes of federal reporting. This recently resulted in a decision to evaluate the efficacy of adopting a data-hub approach designed to establish universal registrations and further integrate job-seeker referrals across WIOA core programs.

Performance assessments are conducted on a quarterly and annual basis through the core partners’ submission of data to FETPIP for data validation and compliance with WIOA requirements and subsequent reporting to USDOL and USDOE. DEO conducts statewide workforce performance assessments and works closely with core partners to enhance data collection and reporting. Performance reports are routinely provided to the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors and to LWDBs.

The effectiveness of partner programs in the career center are measured by their ability to meet or exceed their agency’s and/or federal entity’s established goals or targets.