Florida PYs 2020-2023 Published Approved

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j. 1. D. Who have been served through other components of the statewide workforce development system; and

Current Narrative:

With respect to the needs of individuals with disabilities served through other components of the statewide Workforce Development System, the CSNA identified the following recurring themes:

  • The relationship of the CareerSource Centers with VR remains one primarily of referral rather than co-enrollment and braiding of funding.
  • The CareerSource Centers were characterized as being ineffective in their service to individuals with disabilities in Florida, though there are areas that do better than others.
  • Ongoing consistent cross-training between the core partners is a need so that staff are aware of how each other’s programs function and what limitations in service exist.
  • CareerSource Center staff need to receive ongoing training on how to effectively work with individuals with disabilities, especially those with mental health impairments.