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p. 3. The VR program’s performance on the performance accountability indicators under section 116 of WIOA

Current Narrative:

VR continues in a ‘baseline’ period regarding setting specific measurements for core performance indicators. VR made necessary modifications to the data collection system to ensure new required data elements are tracked and collected, including post-exit data, and all data is included in the submission of quarterly RSA-911 reports.  The goals outlined above helped to drive performance regarding median wages and employment rates in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, VR will be expanding focus on increasing collection of data related to measurable skill gains and postsecondary credential attainment, with technical assistance from WINTAC. A webinar was held with statewide VR management staff in December 2019 and further activities are planned for 2020 to improve training and guidance to field staff on data collection needs related to core performance measures. VR is tracking employer engagement data in DWD’s INGage system, a joint effort with DWD. Tracking data for employer engagement in a single system across WIOA core programs allows for efficient and robust reporting of outcomes for this core performance indicator.