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n. 2. A. The provision of extended services for a period not to exceed 4 years; and

Current Narrative:

Extended services are ongoing support and other appropriate services that are needed to support and maintain an individual with a most significant disability in supported employment and that are provided by a State agency, a private nonprofit organization, employer, or any other appropriate resource. There are times when extended services are required for a youth with a most significant disability to maintain employment but they may not be available through traditional sources (e.g., the youth does not qualify for BDDS funding or a Medicaid Waiver, or natural supports are not available).  In these instances, VR may provide funding to assist youth with the most significant disabilities in maintaining an employment outcome in supported employment. 

VR may provide funding for extended services for youth with the most significant disabilities for up to 4 years. A youth is an individual age 24 or younger. A youth may receive VR-funded extended services for up to 4 years based on individual need. VR funding may not be utilized for the provision of extended services for individuals age 25 and older, or for any individual who is not an individual with a most significant disability. A youth may be eligible for extended services if the following conditions are met:

  • The individual has achieved stabilization.
  • The individual is age 24 or younger.
  • The individual is MSD.
  • The individual requires extended services to continue to be successful in maintaining competitive, integrated employment after stabilization and retention.
  • The exploration and implementation of natural supports has been completed, and it has been documented (see below) that there is no other funding source (e.g. BDDS waiver, Medicaid Rehabilitation Option, etc.) for the provision of extended services, and that adequate natural supports are unavailable.

VR extended services are carried out through accredited employment service providers and funded as hourly fee-for-service reimbursement. For individuals who need extended services and meet criteria for VR funded extended services, VR issues an authorization for extended services to a provider selected by the individual. The provider must submit necessary documentation to VR including progress reports to obtain reimbursement.