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Performance Indicator Appendix. All WIOA Core Programs

The Departments determined that the Effectiveness in Serving Employers indicator will be measured as a shared outcome across all six core programs within each state to ensure a holistic approach to serving employers. The Departments will continue piloting approaches for measuring this indicator for the first two years of PY 2020-2023 plans. Therefore, states are not required to submit an expected level of performance for the Effectiveness in Serving Employers indicator for PY 2020 and PY 2021. However, core programs are expected to collect data and report on this indicator for PY 2020 and PY 2021 as they did for PYs 2016-2019 plans.

Current Narrative:

All WIOA Core Programs

Performance IndicatorsPY 2020 Expected LevelPY 2020 Negotiated LevelPY 2021 Expected LevelPY 2021 Negotiated Level
Effectiveness in Serving EmployersNot Applicable1Not Applicable1    Not Applicable1    Not Applicable1    

“Effectiveness in Serving Employers” is still being piloted and this data will not be entered for 2020 State Plans.