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i. 1. A. i. The number of personnel who are employed by the State agency in the provision of VR services in relation to the number of individuals served, broken down by personnel category;

Current Narrative:

Projections of types and numbers of employees needed are based on current caseload sizes, demographic information regarding the population of Hoosiers with disabilities, trends regarding number of participants served in recent years, and current initiatives. The budget and state allocation available also drive the determination for the number of staff that can be sustained within Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).  As of December, 2019, the Caseload Counselor to participant ratio is 1:118. VR has consistently hired 20-25 new counselors per year due to retirements, promotion of staff, and general turnover. The following are projections of the anticipated number of eligible individuals to be served under an IPE annually for each of the next five years.

FFY19 ACTUAL: 13,945

FFY20 ESTIMATE: 14,000

FFY21 ESTIMATE: 14,000

FFY22 ESTIMATE: 14,500

FFY23 ESTIMATE: 15,000

As of this submission, 15 VR Counselors, 10 VR Case Coordinators, 3 secretaries, 4 area supervisors, and 2 regional managers are eligible for retirement.