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c. 2. State programs carried out under section 4 of the Assistive Technology Act of 1998;

Current Narrative:

Assistive Technology Act Project: VR has a long-standing association with Easter Seals Crossroads Assistive Technology Center INDATA Project. The INDATA Project is federally-funded through the Assistive Technology Grant and is designed to increase access to and awareness of assistive technology. INDATA’s core services include: information and referral, funding assistance, public awareness and education, device demonstration, device loan, reutilized computers, and equipment reutilization. The INDATA Project is an international benchmark of success. The INDATA Project helped transform the Easter Seals Crossroads AT Center into more than just what the federal act requires. Now the AT Center has its own recording studio and broadcasts 24/7 podcasts around the world. They are known for their expertise and ability to train their staff in order to prepare each member for their national RESNA certification as an AT Provider.  In addition, the INDATA Project staff provides VR Counselors ongoing assistive technology training and monthly webinars that are live-streamed to VR staff. Furthermore, participants and VR staff can access the equipment loan library to test various types of equipment or borrow equipment to be used when repairs are necessary to previously purchased items.  INDATA Project also partners with Centers for Independent Living, Area Agencies on Aging and Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP) ensuring broad networking reach for persons with disabilities to understand what services are available and how they can best be utilized to assist with employment and independent living.