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n. 1. Specify the State's goals and priorities for funds received under section 603 of the Rehabilitation Act for the provision of supported employment services

Current Narrative:

Goal 1: VR Supported Employment providers will increase knowledge and skills on the provision of supported employment services, including greater understanding and focus on development of natural supports, job readiness training techniques, customized employment, and strategies for achieving stabilization on the job.

Measure: BRS will invest in training for supported employment providers including classroom-based, web-based, and hands-on workshops that focus on job coaching and job readiness training techniques. BRS will examine strategies for improvement of community rehabilitation providers to ensure capacity to carry out increased expectations under the new model, such as provision of funding for Establishment projects using Title I dollars. At least one new training strategy will be implemented annually, such as micro-training or innovative hands-on training opportunities.

Goal 2: VR will increase the provision of supported employment to individuals with a most significant disability, through increased education and training to VR and CRP staff.

Measure:  Increased provision of supported employment services by employment services providers receiving funding through Establishment projects (funded with Title I dollars). This will be measured through quarterly reports submitted by providers, comparing supported employment utilization by end of year 4 of the project (March, 2021) compared to supported employment utilization at the end of year two of the project (March, 2019). The targeted percent increase from year 2 to year 4 is to increase supported employment utilization by an additional 10%.

Section 603 funds will be used for direct fee for service expenses for the provision of supported employment to eligible VR participants with a most significant disability, as well as the provision of extended services for youth (up to 25 years old) with the most significant disabilities for up to 4 years. Title VI funds are not used for any administrative expenses. 50% of Title VI funds are reserved for supported employment services specifically for youth with disabilities through a separate accounting project in the agencies financial accounting system. Title VI funds are not adequate to meet the supported employment needs of every VR participant with a most significant disability who requires this services, and therefore Title I funding is used to ensure supported employment services are available to those who need these services. Title I funds also support training on the provision of supported employment services as well as establishment projects.