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i. 2. Plan for Recruitment, Preparation and Retention of Qualified Personnel

Describe the development and implementation of a plan to address the current and projected needs for qualified personnel including, the coordination and facilitation of efforts between the designated State unit and institutions of higher education and professional associations to recruit, prepare, and retain personnel who are qualified, including personnel from minority backgrounds and personnel who are individuals with disabilities.

Current Narrative:

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services’ standard for rehabilitation counselors is a master’s degree in rehabilitation specific programs or counseling programs. Official transcripts are required prior to the appointment of candidates to counselor positions. The addition of the master’s degree in counseling to the State standard has allowed for a larger applicant pool especially in rural areas and areas where rehabilitation counseling programs do not exist. The listed salary range of our beginning rehabilitation counselor positions is $39,280.80 - $59,556.00 and consists of eighteen pay steps. The senior rehabilitation counselor pay range is $41,277.60 - $65,695.20 and consists of 20 pay steps. Due to the recent cost of living increases granted by Honorable Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama, the salary rates have increased.