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i. 5. Personnel to Address Individual Communication Needs

Describe how the designated State unit has personnel or obtains the services of other individuals who are able to communicate in appropriate modes of communication with or in the native language of applicants or eligible individuals who have limited English speaking ability.

Current Narrative:

IDVR provides or purchases interpreter or language services required to access the program.

The Agency is currently working with the Division of Human Resources to determine a process and standards to assess staff competency in Spanish or other foreign languages. If staff meet competency standards, they may work with and interpret for customers who’s primarily language is other than English.  

IDVR has created a statewide counselor position for the deaf. This position will better serve individuals who are deaf and increase the overall effectiveness of our service delivery for this underserved population.  

Since Idaho has a separate entity that addresses issues related to low vision and blindness, IDVR does not provide specific training to its staff in braille, but instead refers customers who require braille to the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.