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l. 3. C. Other available information on the operation and effectiveness of the VR program, including any reports received from the State Rehabilitation Council and findings and recommendations from monitoring activities conducted under section 107.

Current Narrative:

During FFY 2018-2019, VR, in collaboration with the Florida Rehabilitation Council (FRC), completed its three- year comprehensive statewide needs assessment. Information obtained from the needs assessment, management reports and feedback from VR employees, stakeholders and customers, is used to evaluate current goals, objectives and projects and establish new strategic priorities.

Following the previously established planning process, the Senior Executive Leadership Team regularly reviews progress and updates strategies as needed. Annually, the Senior Executive Leadership Team completed a thorough review of the strategic plan and then held a planning meeting to determine which projects to include in the updated strategic plan. Strategy updates are provided quarterly and reported out to VR Leadership and stakeholders. Currently, VR agency priorities are to ensure IT systems are fully capable of collecting data required for federal reporting, and to refine its service delivery procedures to meet Pre-ETS budget requirements while continuing to meet the needs of other customers.