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m. 2. If the designated State unit has elected to serve eligible individuals, regardless of any established order of selection, who require specific services or equipment to maintain employment

Current Narrative:

In FY20, BRS will further examine its capacity to provide specific services or equipment to assist individuals assigned to a closed disability service priority category with maintaining employment. BRS has sought technical assistance in this area and has reviewed processes utilized in other state VR agencies, and will continue its review in FY20. Dependent on fiscal resources, VR may elect to provide select services or equipment for this purpose during FY20-FY21. BRS will also explore necessary revisions to promulgated VR rules, as applicable, if electing to provide services under these circumstances.

BRS shares relevant information about other organizations with individuals unable to be served by VR who are in need of assistance to obtain or maintain employment, such as facilitating a referral to the local Work One. Other resources may include Ticket to Work Employment Networks, Centers for Independent Living, College and Universities, the IN Data Assistive Technology program, and other state and local resources. A resource guide for each VR area office was developed in 2017 and is updated annually. Resource guides are available on the VR website, shared during application intake appointments, and a link is provided in a semi-annual letter sent to all individuals in deferred services status.