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p. 2. A. Identify the strategies that contributed to the achievement of the goals

Current Narrative:

The Division would anticipate serving approximately 128 individuals with the $300,000 available in the SE Supplemental grant at an average cost of $2,346. 

Goal: To promote quality SE services through stability as demonstrated through higher 2nd and 4th quarter employment rates for customers who received SE services.

Per customer expenditures for SE cases are up 92% as the Division places more support behind achieving quality, long term stable SE outcomes.

IDVR provides supported employment services for eligible customers with the most significant disabilities. IDVR’s Title VI, Part B funds have not traditionally covered all necessary expenditures associated with a supported employment strategy for IDVR customers. The Division has and will continue to supplement Title VI, Part B funds when needed with Title I grant funds.

It should also be noted that WIOA has a new financial requirement for Title VI, Part B funds. IDVR is required to set aside 50% of these funds for service provision to youth with disabilities and provide a 10% state match to these funds. The Division anticipates it will spend these funds and more in the coming year on students and youth.