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b. 1. A. Planned actions to coordinate activities of SCSEP grantees with WIOA title I programs, including plans for using the WIOA one-stop delivery system and its partners to serve individuals aged 55 and older. (20 CFR 641.302(g), 641.325(e))

Current Narrative:

Strategy: ICOA collaborated with one-stop partners to develop a Memorandum of Understanding outlining roles and responsibilities.

Planned Actions:

  • This Memorandum of Understanding includes referral information between SCSEP, the Idaho Department of Labor, the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, the Idaho Division of Career and Technical Education, and the Department of Health and Welfare.
  • IDOL will plan to provide Adult and Dislocated Worker Program training to ICOA’s SCSEP contractor.
  • ICOA will build the agreement roles and responsibilities into statewide contractor reviews.