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p. 1. B. Describe the factors that impeded the achievement of the goals and priorities

Current Narrative:

Changes to the VR program under WIOA were historic and significant. Full compliance required fundamental modifications in policy, practice, reporting, and performance management. Although much work has been accomplished, systems change associated with the full implementation of WIOA posed significant challenges over the prior two program years. The effects of these system changes were most noticeable in their impact upon VR counselors and purchased services.  


Regarding VR counselors, it should be stated that the counselor’s role has become more demanding and complex. Fully serving Alabama’s population of potentially eligible students with disabilities has meant a significant increase in the average caseload size (an average increase of 50 cases per counselor). Furthermore, the increase in service population coincides with amplified work load in terms of data collection and case documentation. These increased demands have presented challenges to both operational efficiency and morale.


 Regarding service provision, compliance with the mandate to expend 15% of the federal allotment upon Pre-Employment Transition Services meant that the level of resources formerly expended upon employment services could not be sustained. This impact was initially felt inprogram year 2017 in which the VR program fell 17% short of its closed rehabilitated goal. While this discrepancy from historical expectations persisted in PY 2018, ADRS has worked to increase resources available for job placement expenditures in PY 19 while sustaining a commitment to Pre-Employment Transition Services.