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2 Year Modification

Idaho PYs 2022-2023 (Mod) Published Approved

Previous Plan Year Value Current Revision
Enter Narrative
1 - <p>The Commission’s strategies to support innovation and expansion activities have been outlined above in section (o)(1). A substantial support of ICBVI activities are:</p> 1 + <p>ICBVI does not have any innovation and expansion activities planned for the duration of this state plan.</p>
2 -
3 - <ul>
4 - <li>the appointment of a business engagement specialist, and</li>
5 - <li>a substantial increase of the Rehabilitation Teachers role in all aspects of VR service delivery.</li>
6 - </ul>
7 -
8 - <p>All of these strategies are included and supported in ICBVI’s strategic and operational plans and are approved and supported by the Board of Commissioners.</p>
9 -
10 - <p>Innovation and expansion funds will not be utilized to support the Board of Commissioners or the State Independent Living Council during PY 2020 or PY 20121.</p>
11 2