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i. 1. B. i. A list of the institutions of higher education in the State that are preparing VR professionals, by type of program;

Current Narrative:

Described in the following table is information from institutions of higher education in Florida that prepare vocational rehabilitation professionals, categorized by institution and type of program.

Figure 9.02
Program Data for Institutions of Higher Education

Institution, Program Type and Degree Students Currently Enrolled VR/RSASponsored Employees VR/RSASponsored Graduates Previous Year Graduates
Florida Atlantic University-

Graduate-level Rehabilitation Training Program; MEd and PhD
MEd- 30

PhD- 3
MEd- 0

PhD- 0
MEd- 0

PhD- 0
MEd- 6

PhD- 0
Florida International University- Rehabilitation Counseling Program; MS in Counselor Education MS- 12 MS- 0 MS- 2 MS- 2
University of South Florida- Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program; MA MA- 136 MA- 3 MA- 20 MA- 40