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2 Year Modification

Idaho PYs 2022-2023 (Mod) Published Approved

Previous Plan Year Value Current Revision
Enter Narrative
1 - <p>ICBVI does not engage in any cooperative agreements carried out under section 4 of this Act. ICBVI does not maintain any contracts or vendor agreements in order to provide assistive technology (AT) to clients.</p> 1 + <p>ICBVI provides assistive technology services to participants in the state via regional Instructors of the Blind (Rehab Teachers). As part of the Comprehensive Assessment, all eligible individuals are given an assessment by the Rehab teachers to assess their assistive technology needs and levels of training that they may require. The Commissions statewide Assistive Technologist provides training and support for the regional Rehab Teachers, as well as conducting assessments when he travels to the regional offices.</p>
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