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q. 2. The timing of transition to extended services

Current Narrative:

WIOA extended the SE time period from 18 to 24 months. The Division has created protocols for and has made Youth Extended Services (YES) available for youth who are MSD when needed as required by WIOA.  As Idaho has external funders of ongoing support services through multiple avenues, the Division does not currently have to expend YES funds.

Extended services may be provided to youth with the most significant disabilities for a period up to four years, or until the individual turns 25 and no longer meets the definition of a "youth with a disability", whichever comes first. SE services for adults shall not exceed 24 months, unless an exception is granted. Since 2004, the Extended Employment Services (EES) program has been housed under IDVR and along with Medicaid are the two providers of long-term funding for extended services in Idaho. A supported employment participant may only be transitioned to long term support based on an assessment of rehabilitation goal achievement and job stability.

Stability Assessment and ES Timing:

If external sources of LTS are not available, a stability assessment must include consideration of ability to sustain employment in the absence of external LTS utilizing natural supports (NS).  In cases where NS would not satisfy the needs of the employer, SE services will continue until external LTS funds become available, or customer stability is achieved under a NS strategy (up to 24 months unless exception is justified). Periodic monitoring occurs to ensure that each customer receiving SE services is making satisfactory progress, including twice-monthly requirements to document progress toward these goals.