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n. 2. A. The provision of extended services for a period not to exceed 4 years; and

Current Narrative:

IDVR reserves 50 percent of Title VI Part B funds for the provision of Supported Employment and Extended Services to youth. IDVR’s expenditures on SE services far outstrips the funds allocated under Title VI Part B. The Division does not anticipate any problems expending these funds as authorized.

The Division has developed policies to ensure that Youth Extended Services (YES) can be provided up to four years as needed for individuals under the age of 25 following the achievement of employment stability when comparable external sources of long-term extended support are unavailable. The Division will continue to support YES with Title VI or Title I funds, as required by WIOA, and will continue to leverage other sources of extended services. Youth Extended Services are only for individuals who are MSD and have completed SE services.