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n. 1. Specify the State's goals and priorities for funds received under section 603 of the Rehabilitation Act for the provision of supported employment services

Current Narrative:

IDVR received $300,000 in Title VI, Part B funds in FFY 2022. These funds are made available for all Supported Employment cases statewide.  IDVR focused Title VI, Part B funds on direct case service provision for job coaching exclusively, including $150,000 for SE youth.   The Division has established a process to provide Youth Extended Services using Title I funds after exhausting Title VI funds.

The Division anticipates that adult SE funds and youth SE funds will be exhausted annually, and the Division will continue to provide these services under general Title I funds.

Since this population is by definition MSD, they would also continue to receive services, even in the event that IDVR implemented an Order of Selection, unless Order was expanded to temporarily suspend services to part or all of the MSD population. No existing fiscal projection would indicate this action.