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l. 3. C. Other available information on the operation and effectiveness of the VR program, including any reports received from the State Rehabilitation Council and findings and recommendations from monitoring activities conducted under section 107.

Current Narrative:

The Division has worked closely with RSA on their data dashboard information and utilizes the dashboard to identify and fix inaccuracies in the data collection process and for performance improvement.

IDVR’s last 107 monitoring was conducted in 2021, and the Division received a final report on March 7, 2022. Consequently this report was received after the State Goals and Priorities were developed for this iteration of the plan.  However IDVR did benefit from numerous preliminary recommendations and informal discussions during the course of the review which did inform immediate action. The Division has already committed to action across several of these recommendations and has developed initial responses on two findings contained in the draft report.  

The Division's finding on residency duration language has been addressed within policy and training has occurred. The Division agreed with both findings and is in the process of developing a corrective action plan for the second finding on deficiencies in the contract monitoring process. IDVR will formally respond to RSA with corrective action within the 45 days required by the monitoring report.