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l. 2. Identify the goals and priorities in carrying out the VR and Supported Employment programs

Current Narrative:

The goals and priorities for the Division are reviewed annually and revised as necessary based on input from a variety of sources including the SRC, combined plan partners, the State Independent Living Council (SILC), the Client Advocacy Program (CAP), Tribal VR representatives, findings and recommendations from monitoring activities conducted under Section 107, and the IDVR management team, including management at the regional level. Additionally, the goals and priorities are informed by the Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment (CSNA) which is conducted every three years.

The Division evaluates progress multiple times a year during Idaho’s Strategic Plan development cycle and Idaho’s Performance Measurement report.  These occur approximately every six months and the Performance Measurement report is dependent upon the goals and measures established in the Strategic Plan. The State of Idaho limits the number of measures contained in the performance evaluation report to a subset of the strategic plan elements to better focus reports on those data which are impactful to the program.  The State Board of Education and the Division of Financial Management oversee these requirements and include explicit benchmark criteria be established for performance expectations. The most current approved Strategic Plan and Performance Measurement Report document are available on IDVR’s website: https://vr.idaho.gov/publications/.  IDVR includes RSA’s Primary Performance Indicators as core performance measures in our annual strategic plan and reporting cycle. In general, the agency seeks to maintain or improve performance across these indicators, unless a specific target has been negotiated with RSA.

Goal 1 - Provide quality, relevant, individualized vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities to maximize their career potential

  • Priority 1 - Expand, monitor, and improve pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) to students with disabilities and similar services to youth.
  • Priority 2 - Provide a comprehensive array of services to individuals with disabilities, including individuals with Most Significant Disabilities (MSD).
  • Priority 3 - Hire and retain qualified staff to deliver quality vocational rehabilitation services.
  • Priority 4 - Improve access to quality Career Pathways tools to inform customer career choice.  Improve appropriate utilization of Labor Market Information in concert with these tools.
  • Priority 5 - Improve overall quality of CRP services.

Goal 2 - Improve VR program efficiency through continuous quality improvement activities

  • Priority 1 - Meet or exceed negotiated targets on Primary Performance Indicators 1-5 established by the US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration.
  • Priority 2 – Continue to monitor IDVR’s Customer Satisfaction Survey in collaboration with the State Rehabilitation Council and work together on strategies to increase the overall satisfaction rate.
  • Priority 3 - Maximize the utilization and documentation of comparable benefits.
  • Priority 4 – Continue efforts to align IDVR activities with the workforce development system.
  • Priority 5 - Evaluate IDVR assessment utilization.
  • Priority 6 – Continue to monitor and adapt the internal control system of the agency to strengthen program compliance and improve program outcomes.

Goal 3 – Improve outreach and services to IDVR business customers

  • Priority 1 – Increase business utilization of IDVR expertise and services.
  • Priority 2 – Evaluate and realign agency structure to meet the needs of business customers.