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k. 2. B. The Supported Employment Program; and

Current Narrative:

As noted in the prior section, the Division believes the downward trend in applications and plans will end and we can expect an increase in applications for VR services.  This expectation extends to the SE program. IDVR’s fiscal unit conducts forecasts using increases of one, three and five percent to project various cost scenarios and their potential impact on grant funds.  For the purposes of this section (K.2-K.4), the Division will utilize the three percent volume of services increase for FY 2022 and the five percent volume of services increase for FY 2023.

  SE Participants in Plan Total Annual Cost Anticipated Title VI Funds SE Title I Funds
 Current (100%) 459 $762,187 $300,000 $462,187
 FFY 2022 (103%) 473 $785,052 $300,000 $485,052
 FFY 2023 (105%) 482 $800,296 $300,000 $500,296

The Division expects to receive $300,000 in Title VI Supported Employment funds for PYs 2022 and 2023. As projected expenditures exceed Title VI funds, The Division will supplement Title VI SE services utilizing Title I VR funds. The Division does not anticipate any issues expending the $150,000 set aside for SE services, and Extended Services to students and youth.

Note: This section includes estimates for SE qualifying services only (i.e., job coaching).  Supportive services, or services beginning prior to job placement are not included in this section.