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d. 2. B. Transition planning by personnel of the designated State agency and educational agency that facilitates the development and implementation of their individualized education programs;

Current Narrative:

Statewide Transition Plan - IDVR, the State Department of Education (SDE), Idaho Parents Unlimited, Council on Developmental Disabilities, Boise State University, University of Idaho, West Ada School District, Lake Pend Oreille School District, and Bonneville School District, have developed and implemented a statewide secondary Transition Plan with support and assistance from NTACT (National Technical Assistance Center on Transition). The goal of the plan is to increase referral and connection to evidenced based transitions and postsecondary services by ensuring broad student/family awareness of resources and opportunities, and mapping pathways for students of differing needs that allows for effective hand-off from one service/agency to the next.

Expected outcomes include increased provider understanding of CTE programming and pathways; increased provider understanding of DHW services and processes for transition from student to adult services; increased number of students receiving pre-employment transition services or needed transition services; continued collaboration at the local level because of the transition institute, and more students participating in post-secondary services, with the ultimate goal of promoting higher quality employment outcomes for Idaho students with disabilities.

This is done in various ways. The planning of activities which may be joint activities occurs through three main avenues.

  • First at the central office level, the transition coordinator works with LEAs and IHEs to plan different Pre-ETS that will be available to student either during the school year or summer. Contracts for these services outline the requirements and expectations for the service. Dates of the summer programs will be set through discussion between the LEA and the Transition Coordinator. Dates during the school year will be determined through discussion with the LEA and the IHE. Either a local VR counselor or an ATC will assist in setting these dates and times. 
  • Second, the ATC team promotes appropriate planning and service provision within their designated areas. The ATC will work with the LEA to determine types of service need, when the service can be provided, and who (either IDVR staff or a contractor) will provide the service.
  • Finally planning of activities may occur at an IEP meeting, IPE meeting, or individually scheduled meeting with IDVR staff. VR counselors will work with the student and family during one of these times to determine what if any Pre-ETS are needed and will plan accordingly.

IDVR counselors attend hundreds of IEP meetings statewide each year where they discuss Pre-ETS and VR services with students and families. IDVR also created a one-page Request for Pre-Employment Transition Services form that is easy to complete to receive Pre-ETS. This makes the process for receiving Pre-ETS quick and easy for students and families. However, students still meet with a VR counselor when completing the form. During this time, the counselor discusses the VR program and what additional services can be made available to the student when they fully participate in the VR program. Additionally, while receiving Pre-ETS, students are provided information about the VR program and how VR can support students with employment and educational goals.

IDVR also conducts significant outreach as part of collaboration with LEAs to discuss both Pre-ETS and the VR program. They are also provided information on the VR eligibility process, so they can provide this information to families. The Transition Coordinator attends regional special education directors’ meetings to present on Pre-ETS and VR services. IDVR also presented at the 504 coordinators meeting, the superintendents meeting, and the statewide Transition Institute. IDVR provides numerous presentations at Tools for Life, which is a conference that students with disabilities attend. Presentations include information on Pre-ETS, VR services, and the VR eligibility process.

Lastly, IDVR developed an informational packet for students and families that can be shared by teachers at IEP meetings when the VR counselor is not able to attend. IDVR developed two videos that have been shared with teachers on Pre-ETS and the VR program as well as the eligibility process for VR. These videos are maintained on the VR website. These videos disseminated to LEA staff via the State Department of Education’s Transition Coordinator.

Furthermore, the formal interagency agreement with the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE), the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR), and the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ICBVI) contains several provisions designed to facilitate the development and implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). The agencies agree to cooperate in the development of transitioning students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and any relevant Individual Plan for Employment (IPEs). Development of the IEP is vested with the IEP team, including the student and his/her parent or guardian. Approval of the IPE is vested with the IDVR or ICBVI, the student and his/her parent or guardian.