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c. 2. State programs carried out under section 4 of the Assistive Technology Act of 1998;

Current Narrative:

The state program which carries out the statewide Assistive Technology program for Idaho is the Idaho Assistive Technology Project (IATP), housed by the Center on Disabilities and Human Development at the University of Idaho. IATP’s goal is to increase the availability of assistive technology devices and services for older persons and Idahoans with disabilities. IDVR and IATP have had a long-term working relationship to assist IDVR customers with assistive technology services and devices, to include VR representation on the IATP Council. IDVR is in the early development stages of formalizing a cooperative agreement with IATP. The components of the cooperative agreement will include coordination and availability of services, the reciprocal referral process, and other programs and resources available through the Idaho Assistive Technology Project.

The collaboration between IDVR and IATP has improved access to AT services and devices for those individuals with disabilities who can benefit from these services.  IDVR staff have a linkage directly to AT resources our existing collaborative efforts to include AT assessments, services, and devices from AT subject matter experts.  AT services and devices can reduce barriers to employment, allowing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to be more productive and succeed in employment.   The Division does not currently track outcomes related to services provided under this agreement.  The Division needs to evaluate a method for collecting jointly served participants.  The formal agreement with IATP was delayed due to COVID related challenges faced by both agencies.  Agreement discussions have recently resumed with the IATP Director with an estimated completion date of September 2022 will be completed by the end of FFY 2020.