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a. 2. The designated State unit's response to the Council’s input and recommendations; and

Current Narrative:

During PYs 2019-2020 the SRC provided input and recommendations to IDVR on a variety of subjects. IDVR agreed with and or adopted all but one suggestion provided by the SRC.  The following summarizes IDVRs responses to that input and recommendations.

IDVR Responses

  1. Business Engagement

IDVR appreciates the involvement of the SRC members in the Business Engagement strategic planning process.  Furthermore, the Division agrees that focusing on employers and how VR can be of benefit to them is important and a priority for the Division.

  1. Field Services Policy Manual

The Division agrees with the SRCS policy related suggestions to include the CFR citations to all major policy sections and making changes to the closure policy for improved readability and clarity.

  1. Customer Access to Services During COVID-19 Survey 

The Division was not able to act upon all of the SRC’s recommendations, particularly conducting telephone or text surveys to improve the response rate for the COVID-19 Access to Services survey.   The SRC discussed the feasibility of making contact with customers via phone or text message to increase responses.  The Division did evaluate and consider the possibility of this action; however, it was determined that the Division currently lacked the human resources to engage in this strategy, primarily due to high staff turnover/vacancies and the additional challenges of virtual service delivery (COVID). 

  1. Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment

The Division agrees with the SRCs concerns and has already or will prioritize the following:  improving the quality of services provided by CRPs, staff retention and turnover which impacts quality service delivery, increase outreach, continue to expand and improve Pre-ETS.  These are already current priorities of the Division and will be included, if not already, in the Division’s Strategic Plan and the State Plan as goals and/or priorities.

The Division continues to engage the SRC in identifying emerging goals and priorities for the Division.  Their voice and engagement provide valuable input necessary to keep the Division focused on relevant and important activities to improve the employment of individuals served by the Division.  

  1. VR Services Portion of the Combined State Plan

The Division appreciates the dedication and involvement of the SRC Vice Chair and other members who take the time to understand the goals and priorities of the Division.  SRC input into the 2022-2023 draft modification of the State Plan have been incorporated into the final version of this plan where applicable.  While not all SRC input was germane to this state plan, all themes were retained for a strategic plan and prioritization discussion to be held March 10, 2022.  The annual strategic planning and prioritization discussion brings together IDVR administration, Central Office program managers, Regional Managers, and representatives of the SRC.

SRC feedback was supportive of IDVR strategies addressing recruitment and retention challenges, efforts to further align and leverage the workforce development system, and the development of a position for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Following SRC review of the latest draft plan, the Council included topics and suggestions which will be directly addressed at the March 10 session including:

  • CRP improvement activities
  • Comprehensive services to individuals with MSD
  • Expanding partnerships
  • Pre-ETS expansion and improvement
  • Recruitment and retention issues
  • Services to business/Business relations coordination

Annual Report

The Division appreciates and values the contributions of the SRC members in preparing the Annual Report.  The Division believes the report has seen steady improvements because of their suggestions and involvement.