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Adult Education and Family Literacy Act Program Certifications

States must provide written and signed certifications that:

Current Narrative:

The State Plan must includeInclude
1. The plan is submitted by the State agency that is eligible to submit the plan;Yes
2. The State agency has authority under State law to perform the functions of the State under the program;Yes
3. The State legally may carry out each provision of the plan;Yes
4. All provisions of the plan are consistent with State law;Yes
5. A State officer, specified by title in the certification, has authority under State law to receive, hold, and disburse Federal funds made available under the plan;Yes
6. The State officer who is submitting the plan, specified by the title in the certification, has authority to submit the plan;Yes
7. The agency that is submitting the plan has adopted or otherwise formally approved the plan; andYes
8. The plan is the basis for State operation and administration of the program;Yes